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How to remove cloned website

How to remove cloned website

It is very frustrated when you notice that someone clone your website.

What is the disadvantages when your website being cloned?

  1. Authority / Copyright – When your website being cloned, thats means you are going to lost your branding. Some of your customer who found the fake website, they will think that is your official website. Customer might get con. At the end of the day, customer will look for you instead of the website owner.
  2. Losing customer – It is very big chances that you might lost a lot of potential customer if the customer found the fake website.
  3. Google Ranking drop – Google looking seriously on the plagiarism issue. When they found out there are similar content with different domain, both website ranking will drop.

How you detect whether your website being cloned?

  1. Google search – Try to search using nearly similar domain name. Beside that, you also can search images that you have in your website at the google image search tab. Try to detect if there any plagiarism of contents.
  2. Facebook search – you may search the nearly similar name.
  3. Google analytics – Just in case the cloned website also cloned your google analytics. If that is the case happen, you can see where is your traffic coming in. Google Webmaster also can lets you track from where the link come from.

How to detect and report for fake website?

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