How Cartforest works? Let the design works easy.

How we do



Cartforest is a premium website and ecommerce design platform that is build to reduce the initial cost of investment for SME. Various professional theme already developed for you to easily startup your website. Regardless of selling product or services, cartforest has the total solution for you. We are commit to deliver high quality  jobs.

Below is the step to kick start with cartforest.

  1. Identify whether you need a info website or ecommerce. Most of the time, if your business is more on services, you might select info website. Meanwhile if you selling end user product, you might need to choose ecommerce. If you have any question, feel free to call us so that we can help you identify which type of website you need.
  2. Once you identified, go to respective Menu. If you’re looking for info website, go to Website Design. If you’re looking for ecommerce, go to Ecommerce design.
  3. Start browse through all the theme that appear. Go through the demo page so that you will get clear picture of the theme you choose.
  4. Once confirm the theme, start looking at the add-on that is suitable for the theme. You might find some of the interested plugin. If you do not find the add -on that you like, feel free to contact us at Cartforest Support Page.
  5. Once everything decided, complete the process by making the purchase of the task. Total cost and total period needed for the development will be shown. If you agree, go ahead to complete the payment. Note: the development time will start once all your checklist is completed.
  6. Once purchased, our support team will contact you within 1 working hour to get in touch with you.
  7. You need to download the checklist for Info website and also the check list for Ecommerce so that you can prepare all the info that needed before we proceed to the development stage.
  8. Development team will contact you and update you from time to time so that you can see the progress of the website.

Development Process

  1. During development process, your domain name and hosting will be setup accordingly.
  2. We will immediately install the new theme into your domain.
  3. Quick setup will be conduct and all the info in the checklist will be insert into the website.
  4. Website expected to be complete within 5 working day. (Provided all the info is ready)
  5. During development process, customer can view the website progress from time to time. Special link will be provided.
  6. On the delivery date, customer are expected to be able to start their business.
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