We do provide working hour support from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. We commit to response to all your enquiry within 8 working hour.

Yes, we do provide the maintenance services to our client. Our maintenance services are included the website design, website maintenance, website bug fixing (if any). There are 2 ways of costing. First is the maintenance by task. In this maintenance mode, we charge RM150/hour. Let say the task is less than 30 minute, we will accommodate to min 1 hour, then only we will charge you. Second is the monthly maintenance; where we will charge at min RM1800/year for the website update, content update, picture touch up, website festival design. More information, feel free to check details at:- Website Maintenance.

It is depends on the product that you purchase. For example, you purchasing domain or hosting. Yes, there are renewal fees. If you purchase SEO services, and yes, there is a renewal fees. All the details is being written clearly at each page. Most of the question will be answered. Therefore, it is always advised to goes through the whole content of the page.

Yes, we can build that. However, delivery date of the project will have to delay. This is because we do not know how is your hosting look alike. Is your hosting suitable for our source code or not and is that ok for the development? All this is quite depend on case by case basis. Please note: If the whole website is hosted under your hosting, we will not provide guarantee on the website after development. This is because we do not know whether if anyone have touch the website or not. It is very hard to debug if let say the source code being touch by third party.

Yes, all the website that we build are mobile responsive. It should support Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IOS10 and above and Android 8 and above.

Yes, we do. We have the reseller package for those who like to become our reseller. Please contact us to discuss more.

No, as long as there are some customization work, we will consider it to be custom work. And therefore, the price will be higher. Feel free to send your enquiry to us.

Feel free to contact us at the support. You can send your enquiry and question to us. We have support team that able to assist you. They are well train to help you.

Each of the design have different price. You can get the final price on the theme itself. You can see the price of the product, development period, features and add-on that available. All the pages and demo is available to help you to make decision. Add on features is always there for you to choose. It is totally optional. The final price will changed accordingly to your selection.

We simplify the whole website design and programming process. We divide all process into 2 major parts which is customer and developer. Under customer side, customer will choose the theme that they like, then prepare all the document / contents before hand over to developer. All developer need to do is just convert all the contents into the website. This will minimize the long communication, simplify the content delivery process.  Checklist will be provided to customer. All customer need to do is fill in the form. and deliver to developer. Developer will take care the rest of the process.

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